Solo d’automne

Sunday, 24 September, 2017, 2pm and 4pm, Chapelle Saint-Louis

Sylvain Bergeron, solo Renaissance lute recital

Preludes, fantasies, and dances from the 16th and 17th Centruies, selected from Thesaurus Harmonicus (1603)


Saga, a Nordic musical tale

Friday, 3 November, 2017, 8pm, Bourgie Hall, Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Text: Éric Michaud                              Musical direction: Seán Dagher

A tale for all drawn from Nordic sagas and mythology. This new work invokes an imaginary Nordic history, one inspired by ancient oral traditions rich in drama and wonder. The original music, composed to accompany and animate the story, is inspired by the far-flung destinations explored by the Vikings.

Andréanne Brisson-Paquin, voice and storytelling; Emma Björling, voice (Sweden); Grégoire Jeay, flutes; Alex Kehler, violin, nickelharpa; Andrew Wells-Oberegger, oud, bagpipe, percussion, musical co-direction; Amanda Keesmaat, cello; Annabelle Renzo, harp; Seán Dagher, musical direction, cittern, accordion.


Udistik Orkestra

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018, 8pm, Bourgie Hall, Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Musical direction: Andrew Wells-Oberegger

A concert to feature the oud (Oriental lute) and demonstrate its splendour and interpretive possibilities through various Turkish repertoires, re-envisioned masterpieces by major Western composers, as well as original music composed for the event. Three renowned oud players, accompanied by a superb percussionist and bassist, will uncover the many facets of this instrument and its distant and poetic origins.

Andrew Wells-Oberegger, oud; Jean-Philippe Reny, oud; Anit Gosh, oud and violin; Mathieu Deschenaux, double bass; Éric Breton, percussion


The Food of Love, music of Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

May, 2018, 2pm and 4pm, Chapelle Saint-Louis

Hélène Brunet, soprano; Sylvain Bergeron, archlute

“If music be the food of love, play on…” It’s with this venerated phrase from Shakespeare, set to music by Henry Purcell, that this program, comprising English Renaissance and Baroque airs, begins.


L’ombre et le hibou, a musical fable for young people

May 2018, Maison de la culture Maisonneuve

Text: Suzanne De Serres   Music Direction: João Catalão

‘Prehistoric’ music with organic invented instruments, like flutes fashioned from bone, horns, and wood, and shadow theatre.

A musical fable with dynamic and amusing shadow theatre inspired by cave painting, one of the most widespread and ancient artistic traditions in Canada and throughout the world. The animals, anthropomorphic figures, hunting and fishing scenes, foot- and handprints, and ornamental motifs from these traditions will serve as the foundation of this performance, which is conceived as a fireside soirée. The music and shadow theatre will correspond with the narrative in ways that let children explore their personalities by way of their own shadows, to discover themselves through this mixture of contrasts.

Suzanne De Serres, author, storyteller, wind instruments; João Catalão, musical direction, composer, multi-percussionist; Marie Julie Peters Desteract, visual artist, shadow theatre, set design, stage director.