Founded in Montréal in 1991, La Nef creates, produces, and distributes concerts, multimedia and multidisciplinary shows, physical and digital albums, musical tales, and CD-books. Its activities are aimed at audiences of all ages… read more




La Nef and Chor Leoni, a Vancouver-based men’s vocal choir, have teamed up to bring you seafaring songs and shanties of all kinds in this high-energy album: hoisting, hauling and pumping songs, as well as laments and forecastle songs.

To purchase a physical copy of the album, please contact us: diffusion@la-nef.com
The digital version is available HERE.


Traditional francophone shanties

A New album of francophone shanties from Britanny, Normandy, Quebec and Newfoundland

To buy the physical album, send us an email at diffusion@la-nef.com

For the digital version of the album, visit amplitude.ffm.to/baratin


Musical tale by Suzanne De Serres

Equipped with their headlamps, the twins Anatole and Bernadette are searching for their lost dog Titou.  While looking for him, they suddenly fall into a mysterious cave were they encounter an Evil Shadow and a very friendly Owl. A new musical adventure that brings us to the center of the Earth.

Buy the audio-book HERE


Andrew Wells-Oberegger, renowned musician in the fields of early music and world music, is finally releasing his first solo album, Long Way Home, a co-production with La Nef, available as of May 7, 2021.

To buy the album : diffusion@la-nef.com

1 thought on “Home

  1. Allison Campbell

    Really enjoyed your collaboration with Chor Leoni in Vancouver recently. I’m part of a local shanty group (instigators, more than performers), and we all attended together, coming home with so much think about. At the pre-show talk, someone asked about shanties about women. Look for a young group called Seo Linn, singing Oro Se do Bheatha Bhaile (sounds like a minor-key version of Drunken Sailor) which is a great chorus song, with one version in praise of an Irish “Pirate” Queen.


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