La traverse miraculeuse


La traverse miraculeuse, a show that unites Les Charbonniers de l’enfer and La Nef, has made its legendary journey! It features a trove of superb nautical songs to warn and to entice along the seas and seaways of the world, naïve and mysterious songs that invite you to a joyful encounter of traditional and Early Music… today!


La traverse miraculeuse on tour

Les Charbonniers de l’enfer : Michel Faubert, André Marchand, Michel Bordeleau

La Nef : Seán Dagher, Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, Alex Kehler, Amanda Keesmaat, Patrick Graham

Alex Kelher, violin, nyckelharpa | Michel Faubert, voice Michel Bordeleau voice and podorythmy | Patrick Graham, percussion | Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, flutes and chalumeau Amanda Keesmaat, voice, cello | André Marchand, voice and podorythmy | Seán Dagher,  Musical direction and cittern

Turlutte et reel
Les Haubans