The Purcell Project

Dowland in Dublin

  • Octobre 3, 2015,8 p.m.
  • Bourgie Concert Hall,
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1339, Sherbrooke West, Montreal
  • Tickets  514-285-2000 #4


Michael Slattery, tenor, shruti-box; Sylvain Bergeron, archlute; Seán Dagher, cittern ;
Grégoire Jeay, 
flute; Amanda Keesmat, baroque cello; Alex Kehler, nyckelharpa, baroque violin; Ellie Nimeroski, violin and baroque alto, Elin Soderstrom, gamba


Arrangements, Seán Dagher, Grégoire Jeay, Michael Slattery

Artistic Direction, Sylvain Bergeron

Musical Direction, Seán Dagher

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