Cancionero de Uppsala

Christmas Songs, 14th Century Spain

Sunday, December 15th 2019, 2:30 PM

Presented in collaboration with Arte Musica

Bourgie Concert Hall, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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Christmas songs in Spanish, Catalan, Latin, and Galician, plus instrumentals, improvisations, and cultural elements that coexisted harmoniously in Spain during this era. An opportunity to gather and celebrate!

Musical Direction, Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves

Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, voice, rauschpfeife, hurdy-gurdy, chalumeau, recorders | Dorothéa Ventura, voice | Jean-François Daignault, voice | Ghislaine Deschambault, voice | Andrew Wells-Oberegger, oud, santour, bagpipe| Seán Dagher, cittern | Émilie Brûlé, vielle | Elin Sodestrom, viola da gamba | Éric Breton, percussion