Le Fil d’Ariane


Photo: PASY


La Nef presents the ensemble De Lònga

De Longa’s three musicians balance the warmth of acoustic instruments and real time sound processing. Suspended to an Ariadnian thread, they explore the universe of their instruments from diverse cultures, regions, and time periods. Through strong musical themes, marked by sensitivity and emotion, the group creates rich, textured music.

All the while, in a  cinematic style, video projections generate a visual narrative. Inspired by this narrative line, the musicians dive into a musical exploration with daring and abandon.

Andrew Wells-Oberegger, oud, bouzouki, guitar, synthesizer; Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, chalumeaux, bass recorder, video; Mathieu Deschenaux, double bass, sound processing.

Thursday, October 2, 2014, 8 p.m.

Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, 4200, Ontario East

  • Tickets MC Maisonneuve: Regular 25 $ | Student 15 $
  • Taxes and service included
  • 514-523-3095
  • Admission tickets: admission.com, plus service fees

‘’Le Fil d’Ariane (Ariadne’s Thread): A line that divers trail behind them in order to retrace their route in case of emergency.’’ 


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