French Sailor’s Songs

Chants-de-Matelot-Web.jpgPhoto : PASY / Design : Luc BeauchemiChants de matelots

French songs from naval traditions

Captain Seán Dagher returns to the helm on a musical journey to the New World. With his crew, he explores songs that accompanied French maritime expeditions of the 17th and 19th Centuries to Acadia, New France, Louisiana, and the Caribbean.

During his musical research in 2013 for Chansons marines / Sea Songs, Seán Dagher was intrigued by these sailor songs, which represent a more introspective aspect of maritime life and its consequences on land. If Chansons marines echoed the work of men aboard such ships, Chants de matelots highlights the flow of feelings of both men and women whose lives are bound up in these journeys: Love, nostalgia, worry, jealousy…

Seán Dagher won an Opus Prize for ‘New Work of the Year’ for the song, “Leave Her Johnny” (Chansons marines / Sea Songs) and was a finalist in the categories of ‘Concert of the Year – Multiple Repertoires’ and ‘Concert of the Year – Montreal’. He has reassembled a captivating cast to bring the enigmatic characters of the songs to life. He leads his expedition in the company of Dorothéa Ventura and David Lapierre, two excellent singers from Mystères, a 2015 co-production by ALKEMIA and La Nef; Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, singer, instrumentalist, and long-time collaborator; and Kate Bevan-Baker, violinist, singer, and a regular collaborator of Seán’s who is equally renowned in the fields of classical and traditional music. Accompanied by instruments such as cittern, violin, chalumeau, and various accordions to be played by ‘living legend’ Steve Normandin, Chants de matelots will delight fans of Chansons marines by launching another maritime expedition toward uncharted musical lands.

Seán Dagher, voice, cittern; Dorothéa Ventura, voice; David Lapierre, voice; Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, voice, chalumeau; Kate Bevan-Baker, violin, voice; Steve Normandin, piano-accordion, diatonic accordion, harmonica, voice.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016, 8 p.m

Bourgie Concert Hall at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Box-Office: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Regular: $35,00 / MMFA members: $30,25 / 30 and under: $18,75

Taxes and service fees included

Reservation : 514.285.2000 option 4