Sailor’s Spiel / Baratin d’marins

La Carmeline

La  Nef and its crew sail around the world and aproach wonderful shores. Picture an evening of revelry at sea, or a dance in a dock-side tavern. Imagine the sailors singing, telling tall tales. Listen to the boys playing theirs hearts out for the dancers: now jigs, now reels, now a shanty, then a lament. Whoops! Back up on your feet; they’re kicking it again. 

Belt along in your best hauling voice, now is your chance to come away with us. Sailors’ Spiel will bring you to many fantastic places!


Amanda Keesmaat, cello | Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, voice, flutes, chalumeau | Patrick Graham, percussion| Seán Dagher, Musical Direction, voice, cittern | Alex Kehler, nickelharpa, violin

Absent from the photo : Kate Bevan-Baker, violin, Éric Breton (alternating with Patrick Graham), percussion.