Sacrum Mysterium, A Celtic Christmas Vesper


Sacrum Mysterium, A Celtic Christmas Vespers is a collection of ancient songs, compositions and dances performed in the original style. The lyrics are in Latin, Gaelic and Middle English (same as Shakespeare wrote in) as well as modern English.

The instrumental ensemble is comprised of both Apollo’s Fire and La Nef members and includes bagpipes, Celtic harp, recorders, lute, guitar, dulcimer, strings and percussion.


  • Jeannette Sorrell, Conductor, Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra (Cleveland, USA)
  • Sylvain Bergeron, Guest Musical Director and Archluth, La Nef (Montréal, Canada)
  • Meredith Hall, Soprano
  • Steven Player, Dance and Guitar
  • La Nef and Apollo’s Fire Musicians and Choir

Other Videos

What Child is This

At Work on the Land


All Sons of Adam, Sing Nowell

Duan Nollaig


What Child is This

Christmas Eve

CD album (including DVD) available at La Nef

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