Dowland in Dublin


Musical directors Sylvain Bergeron and Seán Dagher


Michael Slattery: tenor, shruti-box
Sylvain Bergeron: lute
Sean Dagher: cittern
Grégoire Jeay: flute, recorder
Amanda Keesmat: cello
Alex Kehler: violin

Was England’s first great composer actually Irish? La Nef and American tenor Michael Slattery make their case for this possibility in a charming program highlighting Dowland’s light-hearted side, with Renaissance lute, cittern, and gamba joined by the shrutti-box providing a decidedly Celtic flavor to the famous lute songs.

Audio Excerpts:

Sleep Wayward Thoughts

Now O Now I Needs Must Part

Me, Me and None but Me


Musical program

Dowland in Dublin touring program PDF

Dowland in Dublin press release PDF



1 thought on “Dowland in Dublin

  1. Leslie Morris

    I saw La Nef and Michael Slattery perform this concert in Indianapolis last summer 2013. The cd sold out at intermission so I ordered one. Can’t think of another cd that I have listened to so obsessively. I am deeply grateful for your music.


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