Dowland in Dublin


Musical directors Sylvain Bergeron and Seán Dagher


Michael Slattery: tenor, shruti-box
Sylvain Bergeron: lute
Sean Dagher: cittern
Grégoire Jeay: flute, recorder
Amanda Keesmat: cello
Alex Kehler: violin

Was England’s first great composer actually Irish? La Nef and American tenor Michael Slattery make their case for this possibility in a charming program highlighting Dowland’s light-hearted side, with Renaissance lute, cittern, and gamba joined by the shrutti-box providing a decidedly Celtic flavor to the famous lute songs.

Musical program

Dowland in Dublin touring program PDF

Dowland in Dublin press release PDF




One thought on “Dowland in Dublin

  1. Leslie Morris

    I saw La Nef and Michael Slattery perform this concert in Indianapolis last summer 2013. The cd sold out at intermission so I ordered one. Can’t think of another cd that I have listened to so obsessively. I am deeply grateful for your music.


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