Dowland in Dublin – musical program

Musique de John Dowland
Musical direction and arrangements: Sylvain Bergeron, Seán Dagher and Michael Slattery

Musical program

Behold a Wonder Here
Me, Me and None But Me
The Frog Galliard
O Sweet Woods, the delight of solitarinesse
Kemp’s Jig/Mistress Winter’s Jump/My Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe
A Shepherd in a Shade
Away With These Self-loving Lads
Come Away, Come Sweet Love
Lacrimae pavan
Come, Heavy Sleep
 – Pause –
Fine Knacks for Ladies
Clear or Cloudy
His Golden Locks
Sleep, Wayward Thoughts
Time Stands Still
A Galliard
Say Love if Ever Thou Didst Find
Now, O Now I Needs Must Part


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