Doulce Mémoire

Doulce Mémoire                                                                                                                           The 16th-Century Art of Variation

The name Doulce Mémoire comes from one of the best-known madrigals of the 16th century: Doulce Memoire by Pierre Regnault, who was also known as Sandrin. This song, with its beautifully simple melodic lines and elegant poetry, was immensely popular throughout the 16th century, and some 30 versions of it are known, written for all kinds and combinations of instruments, from the simplest to the very complex. We have chosen to play some of these for you tonight. As well, we have chosen some other equally celebrated songs — English, Italian, and French —which have also inspired composers to write variations. For most of these you will first hear the song, followed by the instrumental variations.

Margaret Little, treble viol and bass viol and Sylvain Bergeron, archilute
artworks-000069384547-kdppbr-t200x200Doulce mémoire petite

Listen : Divisions on a ground

Listen : Faronells Division on a Ground (Folia)

Musical program

Recercada primera, quarta, ottava                                                             Diego Ortiz (1510-1570

Divisions on a ground                                                                    Mr John Banister (c. 1624–1679)      The Duke of Norfolk (Pauls Steeple)                               The Division Violin (John Playford – 1684)

Gagliarda, Chiacona, Gagliarda, Corrente a la Francese               Andrea Falconieri (c. 1585-1656)

Ricercata Ottava                                                                            Giovanni Bassano (1560? – 1617) Diminutions sur « Ancor che col partire »                                   Ricardo Rogniono (c.1555 c.1620)

Roger of Coverly                                                              The Division Violin (John Playford – 1684) Divisions upon “John come kiss me now”

Duo « Doulce Mémoire »                                                                François de Layolle (1475-1540)      Recercada seconda sobre « Doulce Mémoire »                                           Diego Ortiz

Loves Constancy                                                                                     Nicolas Lanier (1588-1666)

Tollets Ground                                                                 The Division Violin (John Playford – 1684)

Courante, Sarabande, Chacone                                                         Anonyme (Goess Ms c. 1650)

Ricercata per viola bastarda                                                       Aurelio Virgiliano (c. 1540-c. 1600) Dolce Memoy                                                                                    Vincenzo Bonizzi (début XVIIe)

Faronells Division on a Ground (Folia)                            The Division Violin (John Playford – 1684)

This intimate concert can easily be presented in a small concert hall or a church.

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