MAY 2015

Claire Gignac and Friends present

Chinatown Blues, in Los Angeles

  • Performances: May 29 and 30, 2015 at 8:30 pm

Claire Gignac and friends and Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre84165719-6273-4e5a-a04f-f86d9c26a62d

Los Angeles choreographer Heidi Duckler and multi-instrumentalist and composer Claire Gignac joined forces to create a unique performance in a rather unusual place. A stimulating encounter between living music and contemporary dance.

Called “the reigning queen of site-specific performance,” by the L.A. Times, Heidi Duckler has choreographed more than 100 original dance works at unique sites around the world (Russia, Denmark, Hong Kong, New York, etc.). She received numerous awards and honors throughout her carreer.

With : Marissa Labog, Eva Wilder, Eli Nelson, Juan De La Rosadancers; Claire Gignac, tenor saxophone,  multiple instruments, voice; Martien Bélanger, guitars, banjo; Frédéric Lebrasseur, drums; Steve Lalonde, real time sound processing.

 New La Nef CD’s

 ÎLES CD is now for sale

Double album

 ÎLES_cadré pour web



A concert of songs based on the texts of the women Troubadours and musical interludes based on the only Trobairitz melody that survives. Seán Dagher’s original music supports these songs about love, adultery, and the state  of affairs of the day, critiques of the governments and the church.  The candour and freedom expressed by the Trobairitz seems even more daring because they were women. It is surprising to see the point to which the concerns of the women and men who lived 800 years ago resemble so much  ours concerns today.

Notes de  chevet – CD


Inspired by Makura no sōshi(The Pillow Book) by Lady Sei Shōnagon (Japan, around the year 1000), this CD offers a real interaction between music and poetry. Composition and improvisation are brought together to create original music influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Through different approaches - electronic, electric and acoustic music and poetry alternate, intercalate and blend to create a unique sound.



To order write to diffusion@la-nef.com

To see more La Nef CD, visit Discography

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